Mid December last year Peter Kim released his Social Media Predictions for 2009, for which he collected the thoughts of some 14 thought leaders in one nice little document. There’s a lot of good ideas and feedback in there, although I cannot resist thinking some of it is wishful thinking, hoping that some things will […]

I was rather surprised to see that this article (PDF/Dutch) didn’t generate more buzz in the Belgian blogosphere. Let me explain. It’s sales period in Belgium as always during the first month of January. These sales are indeed only allowed a certain moments of the year and are heavily regulated. I won’t go into the […]

In the newspaper (Het Nieuwsblad) this weekend: “American Government shops at IKEA”: “They might be driving in expensive cars, but when it comes down to furniture it seems that some people in the US government have a slightly less expensive taste. The people in this government limo have clearly gone to IKEA.” Oh yeah? Apart […]

… lies in Belgium, finally I found some scientific proof. When I checked out the Twitter Grader page for Belgium the other day, this is what I saw, check out n.4 in the list.

Is it because I like wine? Or because I travel quite a bit throughout the year? I guess a bit of both… and combined with the love for all things original. Here’s what I’m talking about. Isn’t that just brilliant? [Via Steve Clayton]

My buddy Matth just IM’ed me this one, a pretty engaging promotion from ING for their Lion Deposit. I reckon it’s not easy to make promotions for banks these days given the whole sector lost quite some trust with their customers… like me for instance. I won’t say too much about it as you have […]

There is no better way for me to describe 2008 than with this snapshot from ‘my’ Swirl. Thanks to all who replied on Twitter by the way for the best screengrabbing solution to get this snapshot to begin with :) I used the Screengrab plugin for Firefox which some of you suggested, worked like a […]