What’s in a grade?

So there I am, ranked 3.075th with a grade of 99.4 which puts me on 2nd spot for Belgium (and sometimes on 1st or 3rd… or 7th, whatever). But I’m also a But I’m also on the 1042nd spot with 90% with a high average social capital! All better than 24.984th with 164 though, although locally I’m on 4th with a stunning 19 (just like the next 20 behind me or so but still). Unfortunately I just dropped 481 points to 4594th, which probably explains why I’m only 188th in a top150. But 674.343th is probably worst of all…. or actually it’s not: 1.013.152nd is the worst. Yeah 4th does sound better than that. Still all of this comes with a $85.245,54 value. Etc etc.


So what’s in a grade? Not much really, especially when looked at without context like I did right here. So before anyone else sets up some ranking algorithm, think first about giving it some context first and please don’t make it a black box algorithm that just spills out a meaningless number. Thanks.



  1. Amen brother. I’m so tired of these “ranking” sites that just spit out random numbers like they mean something. Great I’ve got a score of 95.7 but what does that mean? Compared to what? Based on what standards?

    If you’re going to be a ranking site, give it some meaning and context.

  2. Bart says:

    Naaaa, grades are fun! At least if you add something fun to it. Like urladex.com I would like to be able to buy virtual people-stock and see who’s doing better in a certain timeframe. Now that would be fun! At least those numbers wouldn’t be static!

  3. karin db says:

    they tell as little as a jobtitle on a business card …

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