No Copy

In image says more than a thousand words, that’s no secret anymore. And I guess that people who’ve been reading this blog for quite a while have noticed that I have a soft spot for advertising campaigns that convey a message using just one (but powerful) image. Like the 2 campaigns below, note that the first one has no copy at all.

More at Buzzing Bees.

More at adhunt.



  1. Fredegre says:

    Have you read “The Fall of Advertising & The Rise of PR” yet? According to that book, Alka Seltzer has an amazing track record of innovative & memorable ad campaigns… and still they lose market share like Stevie Wonder does games of Charades. :-) A good read, that book, although subtlety is not quite the authors’ forte (to put it mildly). And hey, they claim that the Mustang is the only car brand that was properly launched, so you’re bound to like it…

  2. Kris Hoet says:

    Thanks for the pointer, added the book to my Amazon wish list… if the Mustang is in there as the way you mention it… that’s gotta be a pretty darn good book ;)

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