Moving on…

… to a new role at Microsoft. During my 4 years at Microsoft, first as the Belgian Consumer Marketing Manager for MSN and later as the Marcom Lead for MSN and Windows Live in EMEA, I’ve been experimenting with social media. Remember the Windows Live Sessions we did all over Europe (e.g. Brussels, London, …), inviting bloggers to events such as MIX, sponsoring and attending Barcamps or Girl Geek Dinners and bigger events such as Le Web for instance, the adventures with Steve and Hugh around the Blue Monster, speaking at events, getting the word out on ‘Bring The Love Back‘, engaging on blogs and twitter, etc… Although it was only a small part of my job (the main part was setting up online marketing campaigns), I’ve always been very passionate about it.

Since October 1st that has all changed. Since then I’ve started working in a new role as Digital Media Communications Manager for all Windows Consumer brands – PC, mobile and online – as well as MSN and Live Search in EMEA. I got to say, it’s like getting paid to do your hobby just like Steve seems to think about his job as well. And it’s also the reason why this blog has gone silent for a bit, as I’m still transitioning stuff from my old job to other people. Also our fiscal year started on July 1st so I got to get my new plans ready asap, expect more about that here soon.

Anyway, I’ve been waiting for the moment I could tell you all this, wish me luck and if ever you have ideas on how you think I should run this… let me know in the comments.


  1. Hi Kris,

    Many congratulations on your new role, it sounds absolutely perfect for you! You do realise now that I’ll be the one pestering you to find out the next phones coming out etc ;)

    I take it we will be seeing you more in the UK now then as well! :)

  2. Here comes the official congrats! This is your dream job. And I’m so jealous :-) Luck will have nothing to do with your success. You’re going to do great and have fun. Like you’ve done so far. Enjoy and share the great stuff xx

  3. Thanks everyone!

    @Caroline: Dream job indeed, talk to you soon after I get some more things figured out ;)

    @James: Thanks man. I forgot to mention but it also includes trade marketing and for that I need to catch up with you sometime soon.

    @Sarah: You can pester me as much as you want :)

  4. What great news, man! Really happy to hear that you’re going to be combining your two great passions – social media and Microsoft – in more concrete ways. Knock ’em dead!

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