1. Bart says:

    I often get confused about the naming of applications and have the same with “Windows Live”. Windows Live Hotmail is a web based e-mail service while Windows Live Mail is a desktop program and Windows Live on itself a software bundle. It’s a little confusing sometimes.

    Ah… there is this awesome little program that nobody talks about which is Microsoft Photo Story. You can easily turn your photos in an exciting slideshow movie!

  2. Gavin Heaton says:

    This is not a bad way of editing images. Very powerful and easy to use:

  3. Kris Hoet says:

    @Bart: You’re right when you say we messed up on the branding aspect of Windows Live, especially regarding everything to do with email. I do think they cleaned that up a bit recently and it looks like with Win7 it’s going to get better as well. Still worth trying out the services though ;)

    @Gavin: Thanks Gavin, think it’s more a problem of the person than of the technology in this case :)

  4. Frederge says:

    There are many ways to do that, all of them pretty simple. Take this one:
    – Select the… err, selection tool (with which you can draw a rectangle shaped zone in your picture) at the top left corner of the Tools window.
    – Select the part of the picture you want to make unreadable.
    – In the Effects window, select Blurs and consequently either Gaussian Blur or Unfocus.
    – Use the slider to increase the effect until you feel it’s strong enough.

  5. tareq sanabra says:

    its amazing massenger but the other appllication cant be add to it

  6. Vixen says:

    I have downloaded the new beta and I really like it, the looks the calendar, photos, everything. However my address book will not work. Of course I can send one email to multi receivers as long as enter them with out going into my address book. If I use my address book I can select the contact that between A – E as soon as I scroll past the set catagory of “FAVORITES” it locks up, and it is time to end task to get out. I have tried to set up my own catagories and move my contacts to the catagory and send emails from there and the problem still occurs.
    Has any one else got this problem?
    Can any one help me fix it?

  7. anon E Moose says:

    Vixeb Your such an idot.

  8. Jessica says:

    how d0 i instal it

  9. Barre says:

    Its nice real I liked this beta becouse it has got many features. I liked the picture copture and other good featurs.

  10. tom fletcher says:

    hey, great new msn, but how do you get the names coloured like the old windows live plus? is there an extention for it? please adviseee :)

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