Wait until September

When The Kaiser really really likes something, It has to be good. And so it is. IKEA in Germany is running a campaign called ‘”Warte bis September” or in English “Wait until September”. Just go and check out the site, where you can see a guy called Nils … waiting. And you can send him an email or even better, give him a call to ask why if you want. He doesn’t seem to answer the phone all the time, probably when emailing or twittering (GTD right) and it really is a German campaign but like Marcus suggests, why not give it a try wherever you are in the world and give the man a call ;)

Check it out, curious to see what happens in September. It’s pretty clear though that Nils could use some furniture.


Call Nils on +49 40 22 61 11 61 or email nils@warte-bis-september.de. He can also be found on Twitter. Kudos to The Kaiser for finding this!



  1. andy says:

    I know it’s not cool to bad-mouth things. It’s way too easy to poke holes and critique form afar. That said, the format of “guy in room; watch him live; see what happens” just feels very old now. I’ll be interested to know what kind of attention it gets. It gets a yawn from me. I’d rather see live footage of couples fighting in Ikea over how many tea towels they need.

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