One topic on my things-to-blog-about list just made a big leap to the top of the list: the Microspotting blog. It’s not that long ago that I read about this blog but nevertheless subscribed to it right away. So what is it about?

“My name is Ariel and Microspotting is the place where I collect my photos and ramblings about the supposedly-Evil Empire and what it’s really like to work here. Microspotting is about other people, but I here’s my backstory for a little context. I’ve spent 10 years working the tech and web world, starting with a contract for Microsoft in 1998. In the decade since then I’ve written for companies like Amazon.com, Seattle Times, and the Walt Disney Internet Group.”

Ariel talks a bit more how she finally considered working at Microsoft here and how also for her that was initially much different than how she thought it would be. Which probably was the reason to start this blog to begin with I would guess.

“In my year with the company, I’ve realized that many of my preconceptions about Microsoft weren’t quite right. Boring, corporate, stiff, evil? Huh. Not really. I’ve met awesome, smart, inspiring people — people who I now profile on Microspotting.”

So you want to read on more about the people that work at Microsoft? Are you ready to get rid of some of myths that people have around the company? Or maybe just like some good stories? Microspotting is the place to go. My buddy Steve Clayton got Microspotted already. The timing for this blog seems to be good as well as there have been some good posts about working at Microsoft vs. competition lately.

Okay, and now – gimme the shirt :) Now you see why I pushed this to the top of my list, I am the empire.


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  1. Nice :-)
    Are you next?

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