Not for sale.

This was a post waiting to happen and the flights to Munich and Hamburg this week were all I needed to write it down. When I started blogging almost 3 years ago it was mainly to find out for myself what the whole blogosphere thing was all about. Initially the idea wasn’t to keep onContinue reading “Not for sale.”

Listen and learn (2)

Keep ’em coming Rick. Read my earlier “Listen and learn” post or this new one from Rick Segal to know what I’m on about. Here’s a teaser: “VCs are typically stupid when it comes to this section so be prepared for a dumb question blizzard.” Clueless sometimes…


Ferrari is launching the new Ferrari GT in a few days. Now this is not something I would follow normally, but the teaser campaign site is interesting. Simple but pretty execution where Ferrari for once uses it’s typical engine sound to promote one of their cars. Well I liked it, still short of cash toContinue reading “Soundbites”