MIX08 (Grand finale)

This last post about the MIX conference is not that much related to the conference anymore actually. The conference stopped on Friday around noon and since most of the Belgians only left on Saturday morning, we had booked a helicopter flight over and trough the Grand Canyon with Sundance Helicopters. What can I say, if you are ever in Vegas do treat yourself with this, because it’s absolutely brilliant!

The Sundance company comes to pick you up with a limo by the hotel and drives you to their spot at the airport. Once you get there you sign in and about 15-20 minutes later you’re airborne, over the airport straight to the mountains. The total flight time is close to 90 minutes back and forth, and there’s a scheduled stop somewhere in the middle of the Grand Canyon offering you a fantastic view accompanied by a glass of champagne and a small lunch.

And as an image says more than a thousand words, here is what it looked like.

Grand Canyon 

During the flight the helicopter films both inside and outside of the whole trip and you can buy the DVD with that footage. I’ll let you know if that’s any good by the time it arrives via post mail. Anyway, here is the full set.

We ended the day at Morton’s Steakhouse (a personal favorite) making this the perfect ending to a great event.



  1. And we still call it a job – there must be worse in life. Morton’s he ? I agree :-)

  2. Adam says:

    Ha, I probably saw you fly over, very cool. My coworkers and I headed over to the dam after MIX. Would have been nice to get over to the Grand Canyon again, but that’ll have to be next time.

    Anyway, here are some poor little shots to show what the dam looks like when you aren’t zooming over in a chopper:

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Kris Hoet says:

    Thanks for sharing Adam! You’re comment was stuck in Akismet’s anti comment spam folder for a while hence why I took a while before it appeared up here.

    @Marc: hard work indeed, you betcha!

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