I initially got onto the Dopplr Alpha in April last year thanks to Loic Le Meur. He seemed quite enthusiast about it and as I’m a bit of a traveler myself, so enough reason to test it out. I’ve liked it ever since. I’ve you’re a bit of a traveler yourself and still not on Dopplr than get on it fast ;) No need to explain I think, it’s pretty straightforward.

To celebrate one year of Dopplr, the team created this Raumzeitgeist 2007 round-up. This kind of ‘space time spirit’ as they call it, shows where and how long people traveled based on the trips they shared.


There’s quite some fun data in the posts, but it were the visualisations like the one above that got to me. Make sure you check both posts, as there is more of the same in there. You can now even get this one as a poster and I must say it sure looks good on the Dopplr office wall. I’m thinking about getting my own here as well.

Anyway, if you are on Dopplr and we’re not connected yet – you can find me here: http://www.dopplr.com/traveller/crossthebreeze


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