Taxi driver vs advertisers

I’ve just started reading ‘Round Ireland with a fridge‘ a few days ago and (apart from being a good funny book) there was this one part that reminded me so much of advertising that I had to copy it right here. And yes, not all advertising is bad ;)

“The taxi driver helped me with the fridge but had failed to see anything in it worthy of conversation. He has his own agenda and he wanted to chat about traffic congestion in the city, unnecessary roundabouts and the mindless introduction of one-way systems. Taxi drivers are the same throughout the world – great levellers. Never mind that Nelson Mandela, President Clinton or Michelle Pfeiffer has jumped into the cab, they’ll get no specialist treatment, none whatsoever. The driver will bore them just as shitless as you and me”

For those who don’t know the book, it’s basically about Tony Hawks who hitchhiked around Ireland with a fridge after a bet he did with one of his friends.




  1. Sounds like an interesting book to read. I don’t really know how anyone can hitchhike with a fridge as a companion. That must have been difficult and he must have gotten himself into a lot of funny situations. Maybe I should look for this at the bookstore. I’m almost done with Einstein’s Dreams anyway.

  2. Kris Hoet says:

    @Jen: It’s quite funny indeed, and yes you’re not the only one thinking the fridge is a weird compagnon looking at the reactions from the people he meets. All together (and I’m halfway now) it’s a fun book.

  3. Christian says:

    Sounds like a cool book. And definitley an interesting premise. I like it when people actually use the freedom that wealth brings. What was the bet that he lost?

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