Celebrity Worship Syndrome

I just received this email about a campaign from my Australian colleagues and I thought this one was definitely worth sharing with you. The team at Ninemsn have just relaunched their entertainment channel called The Fix and they did some great marketing to do so.

The Australian team hired this British woman below named Camilla Shadbolt (who has an uncanny resemblance to Victoria Beckham) to come to Australia.  There is tons of video footage of her arriving in Sydney and people absolutely thought that she was the real thing (her stay ‘happened’ to coincide with David Beckham’s soccer tournament in Australia).  Take a look at this video for instance.


Camilla represents the face of real Celebrity Worship Syndrome obsession. Through the campaign Camilla will talk about her obsession and how sites like The Fix get her through her addiction, because they have all the latest on celebrities. In case you aren’t sure if you are maybe an obsessed as well, take this test to make sure: Are you obsessed? Obviously, when you do think you’re a celebrity, you can upload your image to the site and maybe win a trip to LA. There are some stunning photos from The Irish Hoff if you ask me :)


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