Monty Python 2.0

It seems like a new trend, make a television commercial that looks like user generated content, handicam effect etc … you know the works. Yesterday I saw one of these on television, a new commercial for Quick (fastfood chain operating in Belgium and France). Honestly, when I get to see crap advertising I still rather see it in HD ;) I don’t understand some of my marketing colleagues, who came up with this idea? Let’s do something with user generated content, but not really. These marketers are the ones that also ‘do virals’, which basically means doing the same average stuff but with features added so you can forward easily. Sigh.

Michael Palin said once in an interview that he wasn’t sure if something like Monty Python would still be possible on the BBC today. When he looks back at how it came about originally and how they would now have to sell the idea to marketers, he doesn’t they stand much chance. Funny enough, he also said that one of the things they probably would make fun of a lot (if they were to do it again) is exactly that marketing and advertising. Monty Python 2.0 … now I would be watching :)


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  1. Greg says:

    Oh definitely … or even better: Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Advertising? Now that would be an Advertising Agency that gets the buzz going ;-)

    Cheers … and now for something completely different …

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