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Disruptive Conversations: The 10 ways I learned to use Twitter in 2007… (aka Why and How I use Twitter) Dan York gives a good overview why Twitter is useful for many reasons (tags: twitter communication media social tools microblogging) ANA Marketing Maestros: Trends to Watch in 2008 Trends to watch for marketers (tags: accountability blog […]

Yesterday night at the movies, I saw a commercial from one of the Belgian health insurance funds, namely Het Neutraal Ziekenfonds. In Belgium the basic health insurance (which covers quite a lot) is free (as paid by the government) and offered by all funds. So you pretty much chose between the funds depending on all […]

The last video for LeWeb3 have been uploaded and so they’re now all available for your viewing. I’ve already written up a little report of my experience at LeWeb3, here are my highlights in video: Panels: Web2.0: The Dark Side (moderated by Laurent Haug) Bringing social to software: radical change is coming. Are we ready? […]

I’ve touched on this before (related to Advertising) and since I’m color-blind myself I hold a strong interest in the topic. Most important fact to repeat out of that earlier post: 8% of all Caucasian males suffer a color vision deficiency. And that might be more than you would expect. With this in mind I […]

The Power of Community « NextUp “I’ve experienced this support from my digital friends first hand, so I knew that when Susan Reynolds (@susanreynolds), informed her Twitter followers that the had been diagnosed with breast cancer, the community would be there to support her.” (tags: twitter peach frozenpea community power)

Email Standards Project: Yahoo! Signs on 100%, GMail Bad – ReadWriteWeb “Yahoo! representatives have agreed to adhere to 100% of the recommendations for email clients made by the Email Standards Project, according to the group. “ (tags: email gmail google web Yahoo Standards) OpenSocial Coalition Faltering | Joshua | MIX Online “This past week has […]