links for 2007-12-29

Disruptive Conversations: The 10 ways I learned to use Twitter in 2007… (aka Why and How I use Twitter) Dan York gives a good overview why Twitter is useful for many reasons (tags: twitter communication media social tools microblogging) ANA Marketing Maestros: Trends to Watch in 2008 Trends to watch for marketers (tags: accountability blogContinue reading “links for 2007-12-29”

Who comes up with this stuff?

Yesterday night at the movies, I saw a commercial from one of the Belgian health insurance funds, namely Het Neutraal Ziekenfonds. In Belgium the basic health insurance (which covers quite a lot) is free (as paid by the government) and offered by all funds. So you pretty much chose between the funds depending on allContinue reading “Who comes up with this stuff?”

LeWeb3 videos

The last video for LeWeb3 have been uploaded and so they’re now all available for your viewing. I’ve already written up a little report of my experience at LeWeb3, here are my highlights in video: Panels: Web2.0: The Dark Side (moderated by Laurent Haug) Bringing social to software: radical change is coming. Are we ready?Continue reading “LeWeb3 videos”

Any color-blind in the audience?

I’ve touched on this before (related to Advertising) and since I’m color-blind myself I hold a strong interest in the topic. Most important fact to repeat out of that earlier post: 8% of all Caucasian males suffer a color vision deficiency. And that might be more than you would expect. With this in mind IContinue reading “Any color-blind in the audience?”

links for 2007-12-21

Email Standards Project: Yahoo! Signs on 100%, GMail Bad – ReadWriteWeb “Yahoo! representatives have agreed to adhere to 100% of the recommendations for email clients made by the Email Standards Project, according to the group. “ (tags: email gmail google web Yahoo Standards) OpenSocial Coalition Faltering | Joshua | MIX Online “This past week hasContinue reading “links for 2007-12-21”

links for 2007-12-20

This Year in Blogs: The Definitive Posts of 2007 “While this may not represent all of the year’s best marketing bloggery, it’s a start.” Good list with top blog posts of the year, including ‘bring the love back’ :) (tags: blog links marketing trends bringtheloveback) “The Windows Live Maps team announced today an updateContinue reading “links for 2007-12-20”

Most Contagious 2007

Contagious magazine just released it’s ‘most contagious’ overview for 2007 which you can get here (in PDF), and which is “a round-up of the most intriguing, effective, and downright exciting happenings of the past year from landmarks to gaming, from design to social media”. In the report you’ll find Facebook, the iPhone but also Photosynth,Continue reading “Most Contagious 2007”

links for 2007-12-19

Ads-Click Introduces MicroSocialAds In Beta. Now Get Paid to Spam Your Friends on Facebook. “Why should Facebook, its advertising partners, and application developers be the only ones to be able to make money from spamming your friends with ads and come-ons?” Even more spam from my friends :| (tags: advertising facebook marketing ads-click) Influential MarketingContinue reading “links for 2007-12-19”