I actually watched this!

I think it’s fair to say that I’m a frequent traveler as I spend some time in a plane a few times each month. That said, every time I’ve entered a plane I start reading a book or the newspaper and won’t look up for anything else than food, drinks and the notice that we’ll be landing soon. The last thing I’ll pay attention to is the safety video or instructions given by the flight attendants. Been there, done that… and it’s boring.

Funny enough, today I did watch a safety video… and that wasn’t even in a plane. When I saw this post from Karl Long I figured I’d follow his advice and watched the new Virgin America safety video. It’s like Karl says, even if we’ve all got accustomed to the fact that some things – like safety videos – can only be boring, Virgin America proves us wrong. Together with the agency Anomaly they made a difference and it results in the fact that I actually got interested in checking out the Virgin offering next time I have to book a flight. Kudos!

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