My shit life

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about myself here… my life is just fine ;) There’s a person I would like to introduce you to though, and that is Charles Stab. Charles is a very special person as he ‘channels business horoscopes from the cosmos’ (at exactly 12:32 PM by the way). And although his life is pretty shit, he has agreed to share these horoscopes in a short daily podcast.

Now I’m sorry Charles has a shit life, but I do enjoy his podcasts quite a bit. I actually enjoy them so much that I’ve become a fan of Charles’ Stab shit life. Also check out the Facebook group that comes with the podcast. Last but not least, Charles is writing the 10 step guide to mastering boreout at work which will be available as an ebook on Friday.

And to Marcus Brown, the man has to spend quite some time with Charles… you rock ;)

PS: Oh yeah, there’s a ringtone too

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