Give me a break

It seems like I’m receiving a lot of emails lately from companies that really don’t know the first thing about personal data and how to deal with it. This one is from today and made me smile (unfortunately for them though, I won’t name the company).

“Kris, I am with a new company called “…”, and we offer a great solution for finding new prospects and generating sales that I think you and Progress Software Corporation will be interested in. We have over 2.4 million highly accurate and very detailed records of key executives and decision makers that contain email addresses, phone numbers, and in many cases direct dials and extensions plus title information. I would like the opportunity to show you the tool, please shoot me an email or give me a call. Or if you like you can go to, and see exactly what the tool has to offer.”

Now this is a very kind email and all and I don’t mean them wrong, but stating that you have so many accurate records of execs right after you tell me I work for Progress Sofware Corporation… and send that to my Microsoft email address? Come on, give me a break.