A blind call

It’s already been a few days – weeks even – since the agency Duval Guillaume sent an email on one of their new campaigns but I didn’t have time to check it out until a few days ago. A blind call is a very nice example of a case where technology really brings value… real value, even if it’s not always on purpose ;)


So what is this about? Haven’t you ever experienced that your cell phone just called one of your friends without you knowing just because the keypad wasn’t locked when putting the phone in your pocket? And who did you call in that case? In many cases that is the first person in your address book. And this is exactly what A blind call is trying to benefit from. The agency created a special number that donates money to the charity organization for blind people for every call that is made to that number and it build a campaign where you (if you live in Belgium) are asked to put this number as the first name in your address book ‘a blind call’ so whenever you make another call without knowing, you might be donating money for a good cause.

I like it a lot. Simple, smart and very efficient.



  1. Gavin Heaton says:

    This is a fantastic idea (wish I thought of it)!

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