Drew sent out this email today pointing out the the current status of The Age of Conversation: “A little over 3 months ago, we launched Age of Conversation with our fingers crossed. We came screaming out of the gate. 103 authors, most of whom have never looked each other in the eyes. From 10 different […]

Hulu Integrating with MSN, AOL “Hulu has partnered with MSN and AOL to provide video on a subdomain of each site. MSN TV will be showing some of Hulu’s content, including full-length television shows and movie clips. Hulu’s content is well-integrated with the rest of MSN TV’s con (tags: hulu msn tv aol integration msnvideo […]

I’m not a big fan in general of comparative advertising because I find that brands should focus on their own strengths and not on other brand’s weakness or whatever. But sometimes it’s done in such a fine way that I do like it, like in this example for Fedex for instance. I thought that was […]

Just about a year ago I wrote a post about the Samsung Blackjack. I saw it first up on Crunchgear and it looked “like the perfect answer to what I want” as I mentioned back then. A couple of months later I received one at MIX07 in Vegas and I’ve been using the Blackjack until […]

Dell: A Social Media Rags-to-Riches Story – The Viral Garden “Dell provides possibly the best case study of how a company has successfully integrated social media into its marketing communications, and culture. What makes the ‘Dell story’ so compelling isn’t how the company is utilizing social media now, but rather (tags: dell socialmedia case jeffjarvis […]

Some people probably will never learn. During every single presentation I’ve done about social media and how to engage in that space during the last year at least, I talked about Honesty ROI. Remember the ethics code WOMMA built regarding social media? The reason for that is that it’s a very easy to understand and […]

The Blue Monster Show: now this might become interesting. I’ve got as much information as you about what this is going to look like (that is after watching this video) and probably nobody really knows. To some point, that is part of what made the Blue Monster so interesting to me so far, the fact […]