Subject vs. message

Although it seems to be something mainly email marketers are focusing on, but it’s important for all marketing efforts. You need to have a link between the subject line and the message, between how you attract people to your message and the message itself. Especially in the times of viral marketing, you often see examples where the link is totally lost.

Here’s such a random example I got in my mailbox last week – that is traditional mail ;)


This is a postcard I received and it did draw my attention. I couldn’t remember one of my friends had gone to Rio on holiday or anything so I was curious to find out who this came from.


Big was my disappointment when I turned the postcard and saw it was an advertising for the Nearly New Car centers. I’ll translate the beginning, that’ll explain enough:

“We have arrived well in Rio. The weather is great but that is definitely not good enough to forget that the the July conditions at Nearly New Car still count this month. ….”

I gave up after reading that first line and threw it away (ok I made the scan first). This really doesn’t make sense to me, who ever came up with this?



  1. What a waste of a potentially good idea! I am with you on linking headline and context to message. You were interested and willing to play along this reality game until you found out it was a fake fake ;-)

  2. Kris Hoet says:

    Indeed a potentially good idea wasted. When I look at badvertising such as this, I always wonder how these ideas probably also had somebody shouting ‘brilliant’ when the agency came up with up… sigh.

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