Month: September 2007

links for 2007-09-28

Highlights: Microsoft revamps its Live Search engine “Microsoft tonight unveiled the widely rumored revamp of its Live Search engine. Here’s a summary of the news” (tags: microsoft livesearch windowslive search update release news) Surprise: MSN […]

links for 2007-09-27

Halo 3 is out! How Microsoft’s strategy extends beyond gaming | last100 “Halo 3 contains two new features in particular that are quite interesting, even if you’re not a gamer.” (tags: halo3 films save media […]

A blog is like a tattoo

I was reading a story the other day how (again) somebody posted something on the internet, then heard he shouldn’t have and pulled the post offline. Of course this didn’t go without people noticing it […]

Subject vs. message

Although it seems to be something mainly email marketers are focusing on, but it’s important for all marketing efforts. You need to have a link between the subject line and the message, between how you […]

links for 2007-09-24

Project Gotham Racing 4 “Skid Art” – istartedsomething Remember the video of a Ferrari crashing (lightly) when filming the new Project Gotham Racing 4 advertisement from a few months back? Well here’s the final version […]