links for 2007-09-28

Highlights: Microsoft revamps its Live Search engine “Microsoft tonight unveiled the widely rumored revamp of its Live Search engine. Here’s a summary of the news” (tags: microsoft livesearch windowslive search update release news) Surprise: MSN Has Built the Video Site of the Future “There are big changes underway over at MSN Video, some of whichContinue reading “links for 2007-09-28”

A blog is like a tattoo

I was reading a story the other day how (again) somebody posted something on the internet, then heard he shouldn’t have and pulled the post offline. Of course this didn’t go without people noticing it and they dug up the post of the the search engine’s cache. This made me think of how a blogContinue reading “A blog is like a tattoo”

Funny wireless at the Hilton

I got this letter today when checking into the Hilton hotel in Amsterdam (where the Social Media Forum Europe takes place) and part of that letter was too funny not to copy over here. Enjoy: “All our rooms are equipped with Wireless High Speed Internet. You can easily install this on your laptop by connectionContinue reading “Funny wireless at the Hilton”

Day of the Customer

Last Saturday it was ‘Dag van de klant‘ again in Belgium, literally translated that means ‘Day of the customer’. This day is an initiative from Unizo (Organization for the Self-Employed and SMEs) and is a yearly recurring event and this year was the 20th edition. On this day, the small business thank their customers forContinue reading “Day of the Customer”

Subject vs. message

Although it seems to be something mainly email marketers are focusing on, but it’s important for all marketing efforts. You need to have a link between the subject line and the message, between how you attract people to your message and the message itself. Especially in the times of viral marketing, you often see examplesContinue reading “Subject vs. message”