Nikon: why I like top topicals

The advertising format I like probably most of all is the ‘top topical’. The reason for that is the need of instant creativity and speed of execution for it to make sense… and this is exactly what Duval Guillaume did with this little viral for Nikon. If you’re not from Belgium (and most of you aren’t) then I’ll have to explain this a little though.

In short: we’ve had elections a few months ago and since then all parties are trying to figure out the right coalition to run this little mad country. Given the 2 regions etc etc this is not working really well (to say the least). On Monday a photographer shooting images the key negotiators in this discussion as they entered the domain, took a picture of former prime minister Jean-Luc Deheane with a note on his lap… and it was big news as you could read the secret note quite good. Just take a look here (just for the images) and you’ll get the idea.

So what happened next, after this was all over the news? Someone noticed the picture was shot with a Nikon … and this is what you get.

Kudos to Nikon and Duval Guillaume Antwerp… and to the photographer as well I guess :)

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  1. [wallie] says:

    Leitz (supplier of office products) had an ad on the back of the newspaper “Het laatste nieuws” today, with the baseline “Need a coloured file folder?” and that very same picture. I just love it when marketeers go fuzzy in a brainstorm and come up with these great ideas!

  2. Jeroen says:

    That one is absolutely brilliant :)
    Great that they didn’t over produce it, makes the message stand out even more.
    Good stuff!

  3. dongamp says:

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  4. Invathota says:

    Was ist das?

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