Brussels Girl Geek Dinner

When two of your favorite girl geeks set something up, what do you do? You talk about it of course, like if they needed more visibility :) A couple of months ago Hugh introduced me via email to Sarah Blow, the founder of the (London) Girl Geek Dinners. Unfortunately we haven’t met yet but had a few chats over IM and I’m pretty sure we’ll get together for drinks or some one of the following occasions I’m in London.

This way I knew for a while hat the Girl Geek Dinners were coming to Belgium as well, but last week that idea really came to live with the launch of the Brussels Girl Geek Dinner blog (design by Ine). So for all you Belgian girl geeks out there – subscribe to the blog while I’ll find a way to dress up for the occasion so I can attend that dinner as well ;)

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