Blogger Social ’08

When I wrote my ‘Global marketing community‘ post a couple of months ago I wrote about the growing number of initiatives that we see happening today in the marketing blogger community and that are all pretty exciting. At the bottom of that post I made this comment:

I’m looking forward to more of this and wouldn’t it be fantastic if eventually we find a time and a place we could all meet up face to face and have a sort of Marketing Mashup? Sounds good to me ;)

I had no idea back then that CK and Drew were already cooking something of that kind and this week the news on what, where and when is finally out: Blogger Social ’08. From April 4th to April 6th next year we get a very good reason to fly out to NY and get together. Not for a marketing event, nor a conference but more for a meeting of minds, a social gathering. As I said before… sounds good to me :)

New York Panorama

Interested? Then do 2 things: (1) go visit the Blogger Social blog and subscribe so you don’t miss out on any news and (2) register!

Big thank you to CK, Drew McLellan, Cam Beck, Mike Sansone, Matt Dickman and Luc Debaisieux for setting it all up. Like I needed another reason to go back to NY ;)


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