Talking ’bout the conversation

If for anyone it still wouldn’t be clear that we’ve entered the Age of Conversation, then I suggest you take a look at these logos below. I guess it’s fair to say that looking at these logo’s we have to acknowledge the conversation is part of this generation. Or is it just a sign up the web2.0 bubble economy?


[Via Brand Autopsy]



  1. Michael says:

    Wow! All those speech bubbles. This really is the age of conversation.

    I think the Live Messenger “I’m making a difference” icon thingy should have been added too. I thought the way they turned that asterisk into a speech balloon was pretty neat.

    I love Web 2.0 icons. They just look so cool.

  2. Kris,
    How could I miss that post? Excellent!
    I even think that some digital companies have bubbles too. ; )

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