There’s a great U2 concert recording  in which Bono started to name all his heroes. The interesting part was that he didn’t just name famous people, but he named everyone in the band, behind the stage, … for which he said “they are all heroes of mine”. I always liked that idea, where basically anyone who supported you once, worked with you, whatever… should be one of your heroes.

At 4AM (here in Seattle) I got a call that reminded me of that again. My colleague Miel called me with the very sad news that David Boschmans (another fine colleague of ours) had just passed away. David was only 32 years old but his heart gave up on him… Thinking about Bono’s words, David was a hero of mine. Although we didn’t work in the same division, we shared the same passion and did some projects together. And I’m gonna miss him for it.


Linked to all this, I got this song from the Foo Fighters called ‘My Hero’ in my head since the moment I heard the news and it relates well to you and this post.

There goes my hero
watch him as he goes
There goes my hero
he’s ordinary

We’re gonna miss you man! My thoughts go out to his wife, his little daughter and his family. Farewell.


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