What’s up coComment?

I remember switching to coComment after using co.mments for over a year. The integraion with the browser allowed you to track comments in an easier & quicker way although I always had the feeling co.mments updated faster. Today we are a few days after the release of the new coComment and I’m thinking about switching back. I just don’t like it.


It’s funny in a sense that I’ll be going back from a service that keeps innovating to a service that hasn’t changed a bit since I started using it for the first time 1 1/2 years ago. But if the innovation isn’t what you want…

It started with the new layout. Now that isn’t a reason for using something or not, but I don’t think it’s good. The color scheme make it all too busy for me, but what’s even worse is the bad use of screen estate. They should show way more conversations on one page. The biggest issue though came while using it. I’ve had quite a few errors trying to track comments and even when there were no errors and everything seemed to work, I still can’t find the conversations on my coComment home screen.

Too bad, I like innovation in general. But for now I’ll go back to co.mments and track my conversations again there, even if that’ll take me a bit more time.


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