Rocket science

I like Photosynth. I like it so much I can’t wait to Photosynth my house or get my holiday pictures in that system, all tagged with additional data so you could really experience the trip like we did sort of.

The Live Labs team just released a new Photosynth project they did with NASA. You can now see some exclusive footage of the space shuttle while on the launch pad or coming back from a flight atop at 474 for instance. All of this can be viewed here.



There’s also a video about the technology and how these Photosynth collections are made that is pretty cool.

(Disclaimer: I work for Microsoft)



  1. Bart says:

    Looks promising!

  2. Michael says:

    I love Photosynth too. It’s one of the things that shows Microsoft Research is still on the ball. It’s just awesome to see photos in a 3D panoramic view.

    I just hope they finish up the research faster, and bring it out so that other people can upload and Photosynth their photos. Then we’ll be happy.

  3. Now, this makes me really want to discover Vista. Wonder if the experience runs as well on a Mac than on a PC. Photosynth is an impressive software. Love the idea and the perspectives it creates: definitely insightful!

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