Fonebook. For Facebook.

I just read about this application on Steve’s ‘Geek In Disguise‘ and since he seemed pretty excited about it I decided to try that out right away. The application syncs your friends photos and birthday from Facebook right into Outlook and if you have a Windows Mobile it syncs to your mobile as well. This way you get the personal picture of all these people in your Outlook contacts, but also on the emails they send you, and you’ll have all the birthdays as a calendar entry (with reminder) in your Outlook calendar. Nice.

And since it’s synced with the mobile as well, you get a more visual presentation of the people that call you (if they’re part of your Facebook friends obviously). I’m not sure yet if I want that for everyone, but let’s give it a try anyway :) If you are a bit of a Facebook addict like myself and use Outlook you should definitely give this a try: Fonebook.


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  1. sadaf says:

    I need help to transfer contact info from face book in Ms outlook.
    Tell me how can I do this

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