Windows Live Folders

Windows Live Folders is a new Windows Live service (that is only in beta in the US now) which offers password-protected online storage. Since the password projection is done through your LiveID (aka Passport) you have your Hotmail contacts or Live Messenger buddies linked to the service as well.

Folders comes in 3 ways:

  1. Storage for yourself which you can use when you want to access files from multiple computers
  2. Sharing files with friends is where you can store files that you want to share with one or more friends on your Messenger buddy list. In addition to that you can add ‘reader’ or ‘contributor’ permission to each folder you set up this way
  3. Sharing files publicly

Now I’ve just set up my Live Folders and I’ll share my experiences with it later. If you want to give this a try as well, make sure you sign up for it quickly as the team is only expanding the beta for a limited time now.

Here’s what you see once you’re logged on, I didn’t have any files up there when I took the screenshot hence the 500MB is still available which isn’t the case anymore now :)


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  1. Mich says:

    Accessible via CIFS ?

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