links for 2007-08-31

BBC NEWS | Technology | Bloggers battered by viral storm Google’s Blogger site is being used by malicious hackers who are posting fake entries to some blogs. (tags: blog google viral virus Blogger attacks) adCenter Blog: It’s official – Microsoft Content Ads Beta has shipped! Today, we’re delighted to announce that Content Ads is nowContinue reading “links for 2007-08-31”

Blunders in ad placement

Sometimes even a good advertisement can turn out pretty bad. Here’s what happens when an the combination of the ad and the placement are quite unlucky. Sometimes that results in something rather funny… … and in many times the result is just very unfortunate/bad: This is just a quick selection of some of these blunders,Continue reading “Blunders in ad placement”

Nikon: why I like top topicals

The advertising format I like probably most of all is the ‘top topical’. The reason for that is the need of instant creativity and speed of execution for it to make sense… and this is exactly what Duval Guillaume did with this little viral for Nikon. If you’re not from Belgium (and most of youContinue reading “Nikon: why I like top topicals”

The M20: Top marketer blogs

I wrote about this new marketing hotlist before, but now after the alpha, beta and gamma versions the final list is here. This list was created to highlight popular blogs from client-side marketing professionals and I’m happy to be on the list. Peter Kim, the analyst at Forrester Research in Boston that created the list,Continue reading “The M20: Top marketer blogs”