I could never do that…

If you’re blogging yourself and you’ve tried to convince others to join the blogosphere as well, you will most certainly be familiar with that sentence. I could never do that; I have no idea where you find the time to write all that stuff; I don’t know how you come up with these things you’re writing about; etc etc

Rohit Bhargava has just written a great post about this ‘struggle’, giving some good tips to people that are hesitating to start up their own blog just because of the reasons I mentioned earlier. I’m very much aware blogging will never be something everyone will get into themselves, but the tips from Rohit are quite good and refer to very recognizable situations. Must read.

Also remember that the benefits from blogging are much bigger than you might initially think. I never thought I would get to know so many new people when I started. I never thought that my blog would also become my own digital archive. I never thought I would learn that much through the conversations and shared efforts. Still in doubt? Read the tips and don’t ever be afraid to ask any blogger for support or an early look at what it is your cooking.

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