New Live Search feature

The update seems to be announced like ‘just another quick add on’, I hadn’t even heard of it from the Search team before via the internal communications (I work for Microsoft), but I think it’s quite interesting.

The update is related to image search, more specifically something that will help you find images containing faces, portraits or black&white images. Try these links to see them in action:

  1. without the new features – jimi hendrix
  2. with new face filtering on – jimi hendrix filter:face
  3. with new portrait filtering on – jimi hendrix filter:portrait
  4. with new black and white filtering on – jimi hendrix filter:bw

I did a few test myself on less known names (like my own, but you don’t want to see that) and results were still pretty good. Here’s a search on Ricky Gervais (filter:face). I wonder how they detect something like that.


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