Eight random things

A few days or even weeks ago I was tagged by Luc ‘Mindblob’ Debaisieux and Connie Reece for the ‘8 random things’ meme. The meme is sort of similar to one that went around end of last year called ‘5 things you probably don’t know about me’ which I wrote about in December.

So you know I like old school Ford Mustangs (or you don’t but it’s just a way to promote that other more obscure blog of mine) and that I used to play in a band etc etc. Now I thought I’d just add an image from the archives to that first ‘5 things’ list rather than to come up with another 3 items.

So that’s what I did, and it’s also the main reason why it took such a while before I could come back on this meme. This image is a scan of the photo in an old newspaper article and it took me a while to find that, but it seemed like my ideal answer to the tag.