New ad provider for Digg

Kevin Rose – founder of Digg – posted this just up on the Digg blog. And Microsoft will be the new provider. Microsoft will be the exclusive provider for display and contextual advertising to the 17 million unique visitors that visit Digg each month. Kevin uses the opportunity as well to thank Federated Media for their partnership over the last year and a half, but needs the larger and more scalable platform to keep up with Digg’s growth.


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  1. Michael says:

    Yay! I was happy when I heard the news. I knew Microsoft would try hitting the popular sites to put their adCenter platform on. I just knew they would hit Digg. This is great news. Now Digg gets a better ad service, and Microsoft gets the chance to expand it’s ad platform. Perfect resolution – for at least 3 years.

    It was funny to see lots of Digg users cry about that. Everyone knows that Digg users are typically open source/proLinux/proApple/anti-Microsoft kind of people, and any good news about Microsoft hits them hard. Digg of course won’t change, it’s only the ads. But some users are just so dumb. Good news.

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