Just a perfect day

Dixit Lou Reed. I’m on my flight to Orlando right now after having spent 1 1/2 fantastic days in NYC. Tuesday was the only full day I was in the city and this was the day that we had arranged to meet up with Mark Goren and CK. Mark would meet me around noon by the hotel and CK was going to join us by 5PM. And the weather in New York was brilliant. I had checked on it before getting there and that didn’t look promising, and on my way out to La Guardia this morning it was just stormy. But on Tuesday the weather was incredible.

After Mark and I had lunch in the Hudson hotel where I stayed, we took off to Times Square. I had been to 5th Avenue in the morning to do some shopping, and did a bit of a walk in Central Park as well and now I wanted to see Times Square, which was also where we were going to meet up with CK. She showed us some more of the city and then we decided to go on ‘Top of the Rock‘ (good idea Mark) to see the city in all it’s beauty from above. We spent quite some time there looking at the view and discussing stuff, but it was really there that you see how fascinating this city is.


After that we had dinner in an Italian place and I felt quite lucky to see David Reich drop by to say hello as well. All in all, this has been everything I hoped it would be, meeting face to face with people you met online. Thinking about Greg Verdino‘s chapter in the Age of Conversation – I hugged a few bloggers yesterday and it was great. But hey, you’ll have to buy the book to know what I’m talking about here ;)


Here’s (from left to right): myself, CK, Mark Goren and David Reich with a soft cover copy of the Age of Conversation.

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  1. David Reich says:

    So nice to meet you, Kris. See you online.

  2. Greg Verdino says:

    So, um, Kris – that whole”hug a blogger” thing was more a metaphor than steadfast words of advice. But if you’re gonna actually go around hugging bloggers, CK, Mark and David seem like the right place to start. :-) Glad to see my chapter is having some impact. G

  3. Kris Hoet says:

    Couldn’t you have told me earlier? But hey, it was worth it :)

  4. Michael says:

    Cool. I love it when you show a photo of yourself.

  5. CK says:

    Hey you huggable, dashing blogger…you made my week ;-). Can’t tell you how lucky I feel that you were able to hang in the big apple. And how awesome was it that Mark came down (wow!) and that David was able to stop by? Thank you for your time and for a great dinner.

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