The Cynic

Valleywag did a hilarious post on the stereotypes represented in the Valley, but I missed it when it was published. Luckily my colleague Kevin Briody didn’t so it still caught my attention that way. Are you a Startupper? Programmer? … Just like Kevin my favorite is The Cynic, here it is:

Everyone’s a freaking idiot here. Don’t they know it’ll all go to waste? The bubble, even if it’s the size of just one failed dot-com from the 90s, will explode any day now. YouTube will never find a buye– okay, that was luck right there, that was a foolish move on Google’s part to– okay, that was Google that turned a profit there, the exception that proves the rule. After all, for every YouTube there’s a failed story like Friendster or that idiotic MySpa– okay, MySpace was a fluke too and Rupert Murdoch just wanted a toy. And they’ll never turn a profi– hey, a Google deal worth three times the buyout price is just ludicrous, if Google keeps pulling this shit their stock will never hit five hund– GOD DAMMIT.

And Kevin, I told you I was going to copy your whole post ;)


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