Counting down

We’re almost there. In exactly one week, the ‘Age of Conversation’ will be released. I must say this has been a very exciting project to be part of and I’m impressed with how big it seems to be getting. The idea at first was just about an ebook, but that has changed for instance as you’ll be able to buy it as a paperback or hardback as well. Gavin and Drew have done a quite remarkable job on organizing all of this during the last few months.

Remember what this was about? In short: 100 writers, one subject and all proceeds from the book’s sales will go to Variety, the children’s charity. The launchdate is July 16th and the book will be available in 3 formats: ebook ($9,99), paperback ($16,95) or hardback ($29,99). I’ll buy the hardback myself, hope you will get a copy as well and hope even more you’ll enjoy the book. The cover was designed by David Armano and here’s a sneak peak at it. I gave a sneak peak at my ‘chapter’ right here.


More about this book at or on this blog. Funny enough, I’ll be in NY at the time of launch with Mark Goren and CK – both also authors – so we’ll have something extra to celebrate :)


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  1. Mark Goren says:

    Funny you should bring up that our trip to NYC will coincide with the launch of the book. That’s the exact same thing I’ll be talking about next week to tout the book. Again, really looking forward to meeting up with you and CK next week. Talk to you soon.

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