I don’t understand Technorati, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. Here and there I see people thinking the same as I do. Why didn’t Technorati come up with that feature? Why hasn’t Technorati improved that part of the process? Hell, why hasn’t Technorati changes virtually anything but the design during the last 2 years? […]

If you’re blogging yourself and you’ve tried to convince others to join the blogosphere as well, you will most certainly be familiar with that sentence. I could never do that; I have no idea where you find the time to write all that stuff; I don’t know how you come up with these things you’re […]

Alpha version of FUILauncher released for Windows Mobile – Download Squad Flash developer Jason Jaegers set about to create an iPhone-inspired (but not duplicated) program launcher for Windows Mobile. A few weeks ago he posted some pretty pictures, and this weekend he released the first public alpha for download. (tags: flash interface mobile windows iphone […]

A few days ago a new hotlist with marketing blogs was launched in beta. After Mack’s Top 25 Marketing Blogs which is the classic with 66 weeks of ‘history’ we got Todd And’s Power 150 that was recently ‘acquired’ by AdAge. Everytime I added the whole OPML to my feedreader and everytime I kept a […]

The update seems to be announced like ‘just another quick add on’, I hadn’t even heard of it from the Search team before via the internal communications (I work for Microsoft), but I think it’s quite interesting. The update is related to image search, more specifically something that will help you find images containing faces, […]

A few days or even weeks ago I was tagged by Luc ‘Mindblob’ Debaisieux and Connie Reece for the ‘8 random things’ meme. The meme is sort of similar to one that went around end of last year called ‘5 things you probably don’t know about me’ which I wrote about in December. So you […]

For me it was quite clear for a while that Microsoft was taking the advertising business very seriously, but that was probably because the shift in focus we saw several months ago already. Also the re-org from MSN Sales to Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions, was a clear sign that this is not just about banners […]