Surface not innovative?

While working for Microsoft I’m getting used to the fact that there will always be a good deal of negative comments on everything we do – it’s just how it is. When we postpone our OS it’s a scandal, when the competition does it’s a smart move. When we announce something innovative, someone else has done it before because copying is what we do apparently.


After the announcement of Surface, the same happened. Although there was a really good buzz about this, the negative feedback poured in as well. Several arguments came in to show that this was no innovation at all, others had thought of this before and one of these arguments pointed out to the movie ‘The Island‘. In a certain scene you can see a sort of future office where one of the main characters uses a kind of interactive desk – surface computing really (you can see the clip below).

Since this movie dates already from 2005, it’s clear that Microsoft was it’s usual copycat again. But here’s the funny part: the ‘interactive table’ you see in ‘The Island’ is actually Microsoft’s Surface computer. Long Zheng who reported this on his blog also has an interview with someone on the production team talking about this. Great, isn’t it?

It really shouldn’t have that much of a surprise either really, as Microsoft was present with MSN and Xbox as well in that movie. Anyway the movie was from 2005, talking about something that happens in 2019 en here we are, 2 years later and the Surface is for sale ;)


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