Keepin’ it real

One of the things I like about blogging, commenting, … is that you ‘meet’ and connect a lot of new people out there that you share interests with somehow. And just like CK wrote a couple of days ago, I didn’t launch this blog to make new friends, but it just happens.

But what I love most is when you actually meet some of them face to face, there’s nothing that beats that in my book. And luckily that happens as well. During the last few days I was able to meet up with some new and familiar faces and what can I say… it was good.

First I had a lunch with Luc – mindblob – Debaisieux who’s a Belgian marketing blogger as well, but whom I’ve met through CK. Isn’t it funny you meet up with someone in your country after an introduction coming from New York?! It was a good get together, and we seem to share a lot more than we might have thought so this we won’t lose that connection easy.

This Sunday I had the pleasure to meet up with Claudia in London. We crossed eachother only a few times on each other’s blog I think, or on Twitter but as I’m working in London every couple of weeks and Claudia works there I guess this was bound to happen. It took me some time to get where I needed to be but – something wrong with the explanation I think :) – but I got there eventually. Good to meet you, next one is on me!

And then today I had lunch with Ine again. We know each other a bit longer already but it’s always good to get together again. I think she’s one of the smarter bloggers out there and love her for it. Good luck at Pan Am by the way Ine ;)

CK and Mark: you’re next. See you in NY! And Mark that you’re actually coming to NY from Canada for this is just amazing. Thanks.

Keepin’ it real – I love it.

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  1. Mark Goren says:

    Kris: Really looking forward to it too. I love NYC and when I was there in the spring, I had the good fortune of meeting so many great people, including CK, Valeria, David Reich and Matt. Can’t wait to go back and hang with you guys for a day.

  2. Claudia says:

    Weird… I give everyone the same explanation. Everyone shows up at my doorstep, only the Microsoft man ends up about 500 meters out of the way… And no, you can not only blame the taxi driver…

  3. Kris Hoet says:

    The taxi driver had GPS! Alright, I admit… :)

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