Sticky Messenger?

Today the third segment of MarketingProfs Book Club has started featuring ‘Made To Stick‘. If you’ve read this blog before you know that I liked that book pretty much and when I got an email from CK last week with the question to be a discussion leader on this segment, that made it all even better :) Today I popped the first question:

Sticky Messenger?
Storyteller value. Made to Stick does a marvelous job on making sure you craft your idea to achieve the best results. Following the SUCCES rules seem like a very good guideline to be successful, but what about the messenger? How valuable is the person or the medium bringing the message to you? Or can a idea/message that is Made to Stick never fail?

Don’t answer the question here, vist the Book Club and join the discussion. There are many other great questions out there as well so it’s worth it.


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  1. CK says:

    Your question is rocking along…and with over 12 different discussions and 115 comments you guys are teaching me a lot about sticky stuff. I know you’ve been traveling so I really appreciate your making time for this segment (especially since YOU recommended the book!).

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