Photosynth & Surface: impressive!

When I saw Blaise Aguera y Arcas do the Photosynth demo at an internal event last year in July I was really impressed and I must say that feeling has never gone away. Today I found this video from the demo Blaise gave at TED about Seadragon and Photosynth and again, there’s only one word: great! Here it is:

“Perhaps the most amazing demo I’ve seen this year,” wrote Ethan Zuckerman, after TED2007. Indeed, Photosynth might utterly transform the way we manipulate and experience digital images.

I think it won’t only change the way we manipulate and experience digital images, I think it might completely change the way we browse through the web. In the video you can hear how Blaise explains how you will be able to browse between images, using the meta data on them. Very interesting idea if you ask me. And looking at the example of BMW in the The Guardian, just imagine what you could actually do with very small non-intrusive ad placements!

In collaboration with the BBC, Microsoft also created some new collections in Photosynth that are part of the ‘How we built Britain‘ series.

Another cool technology that was announced during the last few days is Surface. Let’s just call it a very advanced coffee table, there’s only one way to understand really good what it is and that’s what you can see in this exclusive preview from Popular Mechanics:

And also with Surface, think of the advertising opportunities this will have to offer. And what would you think about combining both… wouldn’t that be neat? ;)
(I work for Microsoft)

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