Akismet losing its edge?

First things first, I love Akismet. Spam is a big issue for a long time already and we were lucky to have Akismet protecting us from that on WordPress. I don’t like Captcha’s that much so being protected from Spam without having to add Captcha’s was a really good thing (for me). I’m afraid though the good times for Akismet are over, as I had to delete 5 spam comments that weren’t detected by the system in the last 5 minutes. Now 5 might not sound like a big deal, but that is probaly as many spam comments in the last five minutes as I had to manually delete in the last year… so not a good sign.

Is it only me or do other WordPress users have the same issue? Does anyone know if Akismet is making upgrades or so that cause a minor hickup maybe? I just hope they will be able to fix it soon, it’s always been a great service.

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  1. Philippe says:

    Same story at my side. 3 spams came through today. Damned!

  2. mikelove says:

    Yeah – I’ve had at least 5 today, some new strategy is letting them slipping through.

  3. Mark Goren says:

    Same here. Had about 6 or 7 today. Drives me nuts. Usually, though, when a bunch come in at once, you can find a common term used in a few and add them to the WordPress filter. The combination of the filter and Askimet usually takes care of things. For a while.

  4. Clopin says:

    Strange, no probs here. I am, however, using Akismet in combination with Bad Behaviour (http://www.homelandstupidity.us/software/bad-behavior/). You might wanna look into getting that one.

  5. Kris Hoet says:

    Thanks guys – looks like I’m not alone. Hopefully they will be able to resolve this pretty fast, Akismet has been a lifesaver so far.

  6. Matt says:

    Sorry, we had a little bit of downtime the other day.

  7. Over 100 get through a day, sometimes with the same URL (which is supposed to be Rule 1 of spam blocking). There’s something wrong there, more than just downtime can explain.

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