I’m honored

bloggerchoice And there’s a good reason for that. Today I noticed in my trackbacks some traffic coming from the blogger’s choice awards website and when visiting that I saw that my blog was nomited for Best Marketing Blog and Best Blog Design. Now I’m fully aware of that fact that I’m not alone etc etc … but just the fact that someone actually took some of their time to add this blog to both these categories is quite a reward for me. Thanks Iamsemjaza, whoever you are.

Now I have to add that on the design element, all credits go to Jide who actually created this design called ‘Freshy’, which is one of the designs you can choose from on WordPress.com. And also to Dr.Pixel who offered to create the header image according to my thougths on that. Thanks again for that, I still think it’s a fine piece of work.

And now off you go voting for my well designed marketing blog ;)