Third of bloggers risk to lose job

That was the headline of a newsitem on BBC News last week, based on research that was carried out by YouGov for Croner. Yet another item on the potential risks of blogging, can we start focusing on the opportunities here please, they’re way bigger. And also, looking at the press release, what’s the news? (Bloggy hell! – what kind of a title is that anyway?!)

“Of those who responded and said that they did, 39% admitted that they had posted details, which could be potentially sensitive or damaging about their place of work, employer or a colleague.”

“The blog could also be evidence of other conduct issues or reveal workplace discrimination or bullying. Confidential secrets could be disclosed including financial information or new product development, or whistleblowing all of which could have a negative impact on the business.”

If it says ‘confidential secrets’, doesn’t that just mean what it says? Doesn’t that just mean you can’t talk about it in any form? So why the suprise that you might lose your job if you do? I don’t see the big news.

Croner adds a few considerations for employers at the end of the release as well, but this all just made me think of the ‘chapter’ I wrote for the ‘Age Of Conversation’: You get a long way with common sense. Don’t let the technology fool you, this is a conversation like any other, and many of the same rules apply.

I’m the last to say that companies need a blogger policy, we don’t have one at Microsoft and it seems to work just fine for 4.500 bloggers out there doesn’t it?

[Via BVLG]


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  1. Bart says:

    “Third of bloggers risk to lose job”

    Read it as:

    “Third of bloggers have more chances to find a new/better job.”

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