Soapbox back open

Soapbox – the MSN video sharing service – is back open for full video viewing. The service started as a closed beta, opened for full public a few months later but went back into closed beta soon after. The reason for this closure was related to the many piracy issues video sharing services have to deal with and the Soapbox team wanted to fix that first before going public again.


Next to a few updates on performance, Soapbox is now also using CopySense technology from Audible Magic for proactive automated filtering of copyright content. Other tools to fight piracy will be added as well. Soapbox is still in beta so expect more updates to come soon.

Soapbox offers much of the same as the other known video services (tagging, embedding, commenting, …) but what I find really differentiating on it is the link with Live Messenger. You can very easily IM a video, which means you’ll watch it at the same time with a Messenger buddy whil in a chat conversation. Good fun, I’ll tell you.

Earlier this year (in april) Soapbox already updated much of the UI and better integration with MSN Video.

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