links for 2007-05-02

Why Silverlight Is Important If you are a developer or an entrepreneur, take a look at Silverlight, download some of the sample applications, and take the time to understand how it can affect your product. (tags: silverlight microsoft mix07 tools web2.0 web20 techcrunch flash web development) » Details Of The Windows Live Commercial API »  InsideMicrosoftContinue reading “links for 2007-05-02”

links for 2007-05-01

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr’s Blog: Microsoft is dead in theory A few days ago, Paul Graham proclaimed, “Microsoft is dead.” He later explained that what he really meant was, “Microsoft doesn’t matter.” (tags: microsoft dead google apple revenue perspective) Windows Vista Team Blog : Today’s MIX07 Announcements Round-Up Today MIX07 kicks off at the VenetianContinue reading “links for 2007-05-01”

You get a long way with common sense

Yesterday I finished my little contribution to ‘The Age of Conversation’, the ebook project I talked about earlier. Sitting in the one of the hallways at MIX07, in between 2 sessions I just had to make time for it as the deadline came really close and I wasn’t able to write it on the flightContinue reading “You get a long way with common sense”

Baseball & Silverlight

Today I’ve actually got some time to blog using my pc. The last few posts where via mobile, using the great page, but it doesn’t allow you to link easily to other posts nor to include images, hence the lightweight posts. Baseball funny enough was a bit of a theme for the start atContinue reading “Baseball & Silverlight”