Month: May 2007

Reality sucks!

Belgian cinema group Utopolis did a great poster campaign using some very well-known Hollywood scenes from Titanic and Free Willy. The campaign was developed by Duval Guillaume Antwerp. Brilliant! [Via ADpunch]

links for 2007-05-07

Your mail is here, come and get it!: It’s Here and the Fun Has Only Just Begun We did it! Windows Live Hotmail is officially launching worldwide! (tags: windowslive hotmail mail microsoft launch worldwide) Switching […]

links for 2007-05-06

i-wisdom: Pandora to block international listeners from May 3rd Today we have some extremely disappointing news to share with you. Due to international licensing constraints, we are deeply sorry to say that we must begin […]

New on mobile

Yesterday I discovered two new (or at least recent) mobile sites that I added to my mobile favorites. The first one is Technorati which shows you what’s hot right now on Technorati and allows you […]