Month: May 2007

links for 2007-05-11

» Mich Mathews On The Gears “Mad World” Ad Viral Success »  InsideMicrosoft – part of the Blog News Channel Long Zheng shared this video of Mich Mathews talking at Microsoft’s Strategic Account Summit about the […]

links for 2007-05-10

Zune to get wireless downloads, version 2 hardware, flash player – Engadget Sometimes you can never know for sure, but we’ve got some pretty convincing material from a Zune source which shows a beta build […]

links for 2007-05-09

» Paint.NET 3.07 Released »  InsideMicrosoft – part of the Blog News Channel Rick Brewster has released an update to Paint.NET, the free Microsoft image editing software (tags: photoshop microsoft image editing free software) […]

links for 2007-05-08

Torres Talking: More on Hotmail… There’s a lot of discussion about the new Windows Live Hotmail on the web today. Some of the criticisms and critiques of Hotmail are actually misinformed though, so I figured […]